tinuous thickener from batch sedimentation experiments. It is significant that up Kynch () presented the first theory of sedimentation. In spite of the fact that. Points are experimental data, continuous curves Derived from Kynch theory (see text). Figure 5 Two Interface Description of Sedimentation. Instantaneous concentration profiles of the batch sedimentation of non-colloidal hard spheres were measured for various initial suspension concentrations from.

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A century of research in sedimentation and thickening. The lack of coarse particles leads to a decrease in the solids content in the suspension. This can be expressed as: The specially-made experimental apparatus consists of four components: The test ended when the interface took more than five hours to drop 1 interval In this case, a series of column settling tests on samples with different solids contents should be done to obtain the range of the solids contents in which a clear interface can form.

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh vol. Back to tab navigation Fetching data from CrossRef.

For those sets in which the interfaces between the supernatant water and the suspension formed, samples of supernatant water were taken from the 25 ml mark above the kunch for turbidity measurement.

Recordings were taken for a longer time than had occurred in the first one. For this research, suspensions in the columns were pushed out and collected in beakers every time the interface dropped 50 ml along the settling column from the top. Since we know that sedimfntation concentration varies with the height x, the total particles crossing level K can also be expressed as: Dedimentation reproduction of material from NJC: Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details.


In order to divide the samples into different fractions, beakers were used to store the samples from different heights of the suspension. According to Equation 2.

McRoberts and Nixon introduced an experimental method to determine the maximum water content at which hindered settling behavior is no longer possible. The first part theort the curve is a vertical straight line, which is considered to be in the hindered settling zone. Removes grit from wastewater 7 Type Description Application 3.

Your input on my research has been of the greatest value. The settling behaviour of clay mixture suspension. The first involves an improved methodology through which to collect samples of sediment at different heights in the settling column during the settling test. Kynch theory is discussed in detail. Our image viewer uses the IIIF 2. Fundamental study of the sedimentation of copper tailings with Kynch theory.

Most of the standpipe tests were carried out in PVC cylinders of 30 cm height. According to this explanation, Concha and Bustors claimed that Kynch theory is only valid for materials with low compressibility. The results of the turbidity measurement are shown in Table 3. The calculation of the prediction settling curve was made based on Kynch theory and compared with the experimental data from column settling tests.

The settling column was marked height-wise, recording every ml.

Applicability of Kynch Theory to Flocculent Suspensions

Based on the data, the solids content of the upper part in the column is slightly smaller than the initial solids content, and as time goes by, it also decreases gradually. Column settling test and tube settling. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 13 3 Observations were made on the rest of the four sets and are shown in Figure 3.


University of British Columbia. Both tests were repeated to examine their accuracy. The results are plotted in the Figure 4. In this part, the solids content is supposed to be equal to the initial solids content. If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center.

Experimental data is listed in the Appendix D. In his study, experimental suspensions were prepared by mixing lubricant oil and glass beads.

I would also like to offer my gratitude to Aaron Hope, millwright of CMP laboratory, for his hard work on the construction of the experimental apparatus.

With more experimental data, the influence of compression settling on Kynch theory might be more accurately summarized. These testing conditions could be considered to be more ideal with respect to Kynch theory.

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Characteristic curves that define the ideal batch-thickening behavior were developed to facilitate the analysis. A brief summary for each chapter is provided as follows: Doctoral dissertation, University of Alberta 91 Moussavi, N.

A theory of soil sedimentation. Over the last century, the production of tailings has rapidly increased as the demands for minerals and metals have grown and low-grade ores are increasingly being extracted. After all the column settling tests with sample-collection were completed, the column was removed from the stand for cleaning.