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La regina dei diamanti

But she never expected the drug lord to acquiesce to the demand of his hired assassain for one bout of sex with her. This life wasn’t all there was; there was more, much more, and when people spoke of death as “passing” they were pinda right, because the spirit passed on to that other level of existence. This is the second Howard book I’ve read and both have been a success.

Having said that it didn’t ruin the story. The romance was most definitely not with an agent. When I closed this book, I thought it was one of the most feel-good, romantic books I’ve read this year.

Hpward other words, she’s done everything that had to be done since she got pregnant at 15 and lost the baby just to survive. Yes, you have to suspend belief for a few aspects of this novel, both the spiritual and the possibility of falling in love with a killer from one amazing sexual encounter.

There is a secondary idea of good works earning a place in heaven.


I checked my initial review below to see whether I mentioned anything about my dislike of Drea but I didn’t. A striking beauty with a taste for diamonds and dangerous men, Drea Rousseau was once content to be arm candy for Rafael Salinas, a notorious crime lord.

The assassin, who acknowledges to himself that a human life is worth no more to him than that of a housefly, is puzzled by himself when he cannot decide hwoard to take the hit on Drea or not. She’s shown me that I might not actually dislike suspense the way I thought I had.

Shades Of Twilight by Linda Howard PDF Download –

The cold unemotional assassin and a woman who lives by her wits and sex appeal. As Drea tries to escape him before he has a chance to kill her, an incident occurs that will drastically alter them, causing both to search for diamantti, and changing both of their lives forever.

So yeah, I liked this book very, very much because of Simon. Death Angel was excellent and was more in line with the writing that makes Linda Howard one of the most talented authors on the planet!

And this is where the story becomes a bit confusing.

The story wasn’t bad but it sometimes went on way too much about exactly how the characters did certain things like escape, move money around, plan their next moves, etc. Mistress to a NYC drug lord.

Both humbled and thrilled with this unexpected second chance, she embraces her new life. I can’t say I truly came around to liking Andie, but she did grow on me. View all 3 comments. Sep 21, Jacqueline rated it it was amazing Shelves: But in overal this is a very good book for me and managed to pull me from my Olympic Games extravaganza on Telly!


Be prepared to cry. Rafael wants to hire Simon, a hitman. I have the feeling that Howard must have gone through a personal tragedy before she wrote this book and wanted to put her belief that “death is not the end” to quote Nick Cave in her work. I did not have a problem with the PNR elements themselves, but by the way they were handled.

I was able to finish reading in less than a day and afterwards I felt empty. Death Angel 1 10 Oct 01, After it is over, he leaves her and Drea is changed forever.

Instead, he shows himself to be a very gentle, concerned lover, and he gives her pleasure that she has never before experienced. I am amazed by how much I diamantii this book.

Romanzi Rosa Homage

Why am I just now getting around to reviewing it? But definitely with the LH stamp all over ljnda. Simon was second guessing her and doing it successfully. As for the paranormal element, I still stand by my assertion that it was eye-rolling for me but only because I hate these came-back-from-the-dead plot devices. Locating Drea is no problem for a man of his abilities, and within days he is following her as she drives along a treacherous winding highway leading into diammanti mountains.

If you’re going t Andie Butts.