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– The fame, 2s 6d. j □ Stone’s Reading on the Statute of Bankrupts, is — — ‘ Student’s Termes de la Ley, js.. v “j ^. 18 déc. MULTILATERAL. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of jer y asegurar por ley u otros medios apropiados la realization. la Ley se divide en partes iguales entre 1) la. Provincia de Santiago La Ley crea un Panel de Expertos encargado Transportes) () Ley Crea un.

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Also sets forth a list of activities and temporary and long-term positions which shall be considered as exposed to occupational hazards.

Also provides for the National Council for Mother and Child. President of the Republic of Egypt Decision No.

Ministry of 02378 Order Le. Provides for taking into account the special allowances which workers are entitled to receive in accordance with Act No. Amendments providing for the granting of leave without pay to the spouse of a civil servant sent abroad to work or study. Chapter V is devoted to the welfare of working children and working mothers, the welfare of disabled children and their rehabilitation, education, and criminal responsibilty of juveniles.

Provides for the scope of application of the regulation, membership, financing and functioning of cooperatives. Provides grants to pensioners and their dependants or survivors who are entitled to receive pension until 30 April Allows insured persons who did not wish to include periods of special leave without pay in their periods of insurance contribution, in accordance with Order No.

It establishes a monthly payment for benefactors of welfare salaries provided by the Social Insurance and the Child Act. Decision of the Prime Minister No. Egipto – – Ley Legislative Decree No.

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Increases pensions by 15 per cent as from 1 July in accordance with the laws provided for in the Act. Provides that the special allowances received by workers in the state, public sector, and the public works’ sector as provided for in Act No.


It also provides for an increase as from Amendments to Order No. Establishes procedures for obtaining work permits for aliens who have obtained prior authorisation for residence.

This allowance shall not be considered as part of the basic wage and shall not be taxable. Section bis 1 provides for an increase in the extent of the minimum and maximum penalty for any other offence committed as a result of the commission of a crime provided for in the previous section. These provisions also apply to civil servants in high positions or whose affairs are regulated by special laws and regulations.

This amendment provides for the bank in which the funds shall be saved and the buildings to be purchased which are necessary for the functioning of the trade unions. Provides for a 10 per cent increase in wages as of 1 July on the basis of the Social Insurance Law No.

Establishes provisions for the creation of functional agencies to promote vocational safety and hygiene in industrial establishments. This chapter consists of two sections: Order of the Ministry of Sea Transport, No. Repeals the Commerical Shipping Code of 13 November Increases the minimum level of pension provided for in articles 3, 9, 15 and 16 of the regulations on the payment of pensions and allowances set for members of medical professions unions issued by order No.

Applies to all arbitration, irrespective of the nature of the legal relation around with the dispute revolves. A special tax-free monthly allowance of 10 per cent of basic pay will be paid to all civil servants and public sector workers.

Establishes regulations for operations and work within Free Zones. Also establishes list of jobs for which children under the age of 16 shall not be employed. Adds a new paragraph to s. Debts due to workers under the provisions of this Code have priority over all other debts.


The Ministry of Local Administration will regularly invite applications for transfer of workers in the administration to units near their places of residence. Decree of the Ministry of Manpower dermining system of employing children, and conditions, terms and cases in which they are employed, as well as works, vocations and industries in which it is prohibited to employ children No.

This order is related to Law No. Regulates deadlines for enterprises’ compliance with the Act and other related matters. Rehabilitation certificate issued by the competent authorities shall be valid for an unlimited period of time for disabled persons holding higher or intermediate educational degrees, except in cases where the health condition changes and therefore requires a change in the description of the disability noted in the rehabilitation certificate.

It also specifies categories of people who are entitled to monthly allowances orphans, divorced, older, and disabled persons.

Amends the provisions of section 6, sub-paragraph c of section 21, sections 41, 43, 46 and paragraph 2 of section 64 of the Financial Regulations of Trade Unions referred to in the Order. Miscellaneous amendments pertaining inter alia to elections to the People’s Council, the State Council and local people’s councils and prescribing penalties for electoral fraud.

In addition to ministry representatives, the membership of the Commission includes representatives of the General Confederation of Trade Unions, the Federation of Industries and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce. Half of such amounts shall be allocated to the execution of cooperative training programmes lwy are organized on the level of the province by the multi-purpose central agricultural cooperatives.

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Order of the Minister No. It also repeals Section No. Order of the Minister of Finance, No. Ministry of Social Affairs Order No.