Buy Las intermitencias de la muerte Madrid by Jose Saramago (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Saramago, José Traducción de Pilar del Río. Traducción de: As intermitências da morte.. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener. Download Audiobooks by Jose Saramago to your device. Audible provides Las Intermitencias De La Muerte [The Intermittency of Death] audiobook cover art .

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The industry develops so quickly that the government itself becomes beholden to the maphioso, even bringing it to the brink saarmago war with its intermitenciax. Death discovers that, without reason, this man has mistakenly not been killed.

There are snippets, conversations, which surprised me with sly intelligence and wry wit.

Las intermitencias de la muerte by José Saramago

So death for example may be lethal but perhaps it is not morbid. Feb 03, Nahed. What else can we want now, once the threat of unavoidable demise has been sagamago seemingly forever, once the unstoppable Grim R The dream of immortality has always fascinated humanity. The History of the Siege of Lisbon By: Slowly the country finds itself disoriented for what to do, immersed in a new confusion.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. What else can we want now, once the threat of unavoidable demise has been removed seemingly forever, once the unstoppable Grim Reaper seems to have retired?

The complete cessation of dying leads to a growing fear among healthcare workers that the system will collapse under its own weight:. D decides to play even more with people, and she wants to have more fun.

It needs a whole new genre to itself, re philosophy perhaps. I promise you the book is worth it, and the concept is very interesting, and keeps interesting throughout the book.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jose Saramago Narrated by: Death, I learned, is far josr fascinating as a person than a concept. It makes us feel like going over and putting a hand on her hard shoulder and whispering a few words of sympathy in her ear, or, rather, in the place where her ear once was, underneath the parietal.


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See all titles by Jose Saramago. How hard can life get if she, the only with the power to kill when it pleases her, decides she likes humans more than her original form? View all 11 comments.

Dream come true, right? I haven’t quite made it across the middle of the book – to where Death becomes central. In an unnamed small European country without any explanations people have stopped dying – an eternal dream come true, right?

The incapacitated are brought over the borders of the country, where they instantly die, as death has not ceased working elsewhere. Despite it’s focus of death and all, it isn’t quite as heavy as most of his novels and will make you laugh at the dark abyss of death as most of this novel is actually darkly humorous.

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Jason I’ve heard good things about Saramago. Funeral workers, on the other hand, fear the opposite problem: Sep 24, s. Lirbo wife is fluent in Portuguese so she’s going to read Blindness in its native language while I read an English translation on my Kindle.

Very entertaining but try as I might I am just not a fan of Saramago’s style.

Jose Saramago

The writing gets a little to get used to. One must admit that the prospects are not just gloomy, they’re terrible, catastrophic, more dangerous by far than anything even the wildest imagination could dream up. Many of his sentences are written in a style almost akin to stream of consciousness.

People lose jobs no more jobs for undertakers or gravediggers, and so many others that depended on it. A proofreader’s deliberate slip opens the door to romance-and confounds the facts of Portugal’s past A city is hit by a sudden and strange epidemic of “white blindness” View all 8 comments. Eternal life, the eternal dream. As we read Death with Interruptions we really appreciate the truth of that statement. Ended up having a very moving experience surrounded by his things, and had a fantastic conversation with the bookseller on the top floor of the building – which is where i bought my copy of this book.


Want to Read saving…. Because he is brilliant, that’s why. The common citizens, however, generally enjoy their newfound immortality. I am on page 70, does this book get any better, or does it keep going on in this vein? What makes this work is that he does not expect you to suspend disbelief. View all 18 comments.

He tells of people with their guts spilled out somehow living on and other horrific conditions to a similar effect. I won’t go into the plot and spoil what happens in case you have not yet read this, but I never thought I’d read a book about Death as a main character and describe it muerhe ‘cute’ and like it for that. The Catholic Church feels threatened by this new turn of events, as the end of death would call into question one of the fundamental foundations of their dogma: I re and giggled all the way through the first 20 or so pages, sitting by the bay drinking crisp white wine that tasted a little like pineapple.

Baltasar and Blimunda By: I would highly recommend this to any Saramago fan, and to anyone new to this Nobel laureate’s works although I think Blindness might be a better starting point. Saramago knows what most of us know but don’t know how to say.