A FotoFusion user shared their creative tutorial on how to build custom mattes, so we thought we’d share it with you!. Lumapix Fotofusion Template Tutorial – YouTube Change Background, Swim Video tutorial on how to use the lumapix fotofusion templates bought from my. My name is Alexis, I’m 18 years old, I live in Paris and I practice digital double exposure. I love art and I draw for many years, and I’ve recently started digital work.

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I just prefer the 84″ monster. Given that most popular size for photo books is 8. Press releases will go out in a few days, but you did tutoriql it first right here at DigitalProTalk.

Do Lumapix ever give out discount codes for their Fotofusion? Michael has also agreed to appear right here at DigitalProTalk. Fotofusion guided tour from the person who invented the software. Give it a try! Click Extract, and be sure to save it to your Digital Scrapbooking file. If you want to read my full review of Photoshop Elements 10 check out the link. Having said that, I still love the program and the Mac version is welcomed.

The video discusses all aspects of using a large umbrella when shooting classic studio portraits.

artful stories: FotoFusion Layout Tutorial

Posted June 1, at I found the menus to contain lots of submenus that can be a bit confusing to navigate. Yes any color with eyedropper tool, some textured; lumapox use opacity and blur tools to create backgrounds from your images. So many photo book companies have come and gone and if you make more than a couple photo books per year or like to work on projects over an extended timeframe like for an annual photo bookI think having your own software is a must.


New to photo books? To do that, click on the little square with the plus sign inside on the top row of tabs, as shown below: I wonder if it is an enhanced version.

Or do you need to know the printing platform first? The boxes snap to align with the other boxes so you know they line up. Posted August 15, at You can even adjust the degree of curvature.

What that means is your end product should be no larger than those dimensions if you want the best quality result. Memento Pro is a new kumapix from Lumapix that focus on getting result faster. I tried it a tiny bit several years ago but never got hooked.

Photography & Yearbook

Now you want to make a frame. The Extreme version offers lots of mattes called masks by some companies. So, you may find yourself at the point of wanting to own your own software so you can print your designs at the photo book printer of your choice and perhaps create your own templates for use and reuse on future book projects. Red-eye only, must use external program to edit; Non-destructive editing keeps original untouched. I would highly recommend getting Lightroom. I did like the slider bars on the various tools as well as being able to type in an exact number to get the exact effect I was looking for.

You can make one box, copy it and paste it to get two same sized boxes. Check it out – way cool stuff!!!

I bet some of you were wondering when I was going to get another software review up. If you don’t have it, you will need to download a free one from the internet. I really hope they take a little longer to fix these before they push it out.


Posted May 18, at This course teaches the students how to use a Digital SLR camera. That was great but the process took way too long too much editing in PSE to incorporate shading, etc. Ljmapix may have noticed that as you resized the frame, blue arrows with numbers appeared.

A real time saver. This is where you will drag all your goodies on to the page from. To set the bucket window so that it doesn’t keep closing, click on the little pin on the top right corner of that window. Please limapix there have tutroial some updates to this review since the original post date. Drag the handles until you’ve sized it to about 7. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Frosted Look a Fotofusion Tutorial.

All Things FotoFusion Related

The most common one is called WinZip. To do that, select the first image frame, and then hover your mouse luampix the square in the frame box, as shown, and when the mat is red, click on it. To create your own layout you can start with a blank canvas and choose the grey button with the plus sign to create an image or text box.

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